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WILDLY IN LOVE is a destination elopement planner for couples seeking adventure in all areas of life - especially on their wedding day.

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It honestly makes me a little emotional thinking about Sydney and everything she did for us. The phrase 'above and beyond' doesn't even BEGIN to describe her and how she approaches her work. Not only is she professional and phenomenal at her job (which SHE IS), she is such a kind and caring person, and a delight to be around... I can't even count the number of times leading up to and throughout the weekend we said "thank goodness for Sydney." Having someone you can trust (and who you enjoy!!!) for this monumental event is key. This is the NUMBER ONE THING I would recommend spending money on... All I can say is - HIRE HER HIRE HER HIRE HER. You will NOT REGRET IT.


If you think a planner isn't necessary because you're so laid back and low maintenance about your day, THINK AGAIN. Never in a million years did I think I would need a planner for my big wedding, let alone an elopement, and I could not have been more wrong. Sydney made that day the best one of my life and I will be working forever to pay the debt I owe her for that. HIRE SYDNEY NOW. DON'T EVEN THINK TWICE.


I will tell you right now that we would not have had a successful day without Sydney there. Sydney isn’t just a planner. She is the designer, the coordinator, the budgeter, the negotiator, the visionary, and the friend that you’ll need in preparation for your day... You might think that you can do it all on your own - I thought the same thing. In reality, having a confidante like Sydney as part of your team for your special day will ensure that you will not only have the day you want, but also will give you the breathing room to remember to enjoy the day yourself, which a lot of us forget to give ourselves... If this review made you think an extra minute about looking into a planner, take the time to check out Sydney and her brand, WILDLY IN LOVE. Trust me, you won’t regret it. 


Initially I was a bit skeptical in using a wedding planner but Sydney proved me wrong. From the day we started using her, she helped my now current wife tremendously, planning out the logistics of the day of the event and utilizing her network of vendors that we used for the event. This offloaded a lot of stress for both of us. She was also decisive as well and gave us plenty of options. On the day of the event, when our scheduled location to take pictures was no longer available, her quick thinking and knowledge of the area led us to an even better location to take pictures at. The day was very memorable and we will not forget it. I would definitely consider using Sydney for any event.


Wow. Wow. Woooooooooooow. Wow. Sydney is incredible. You can't teach this stuff. Truly. She is SUCH a talent... If you are reading this feeling like yeah, yeah but I have dope taste - well, this is your gal. And if you don't know heads from tails about design - WELCOME TO YOUR NEW PINTEREST LIFE. Sydney makes dreams become sweet, sweet reality y'all. She worked with us for a YEAR AND A HALF. Through the pandemic. Ridiculously communicative, and on top of her stuff. To the point where we felt like we'd signed up for some lux retreat or something, because things were just HAPPENING in the background all. the. time. Run don't walk to your nearest email button and give this woman a shout if you are trying to live your best life.


Sydney planned and designed the most magical day for us complete with a picnic in the wildflowers up in the mountains we love so much. She seriously took care of everything, made it all flow so seamlessly, and made us look/feel like absolute rock stars! Cannot say enough good things about the experience, how great she was to work with, and how beautifully everything came together!


Sydney has the incredible ability to dream up something beautiful and bring it to life! For mine and my husbands 5th anniversary, Sydney planned and styled the most special sunrise vow renewal. She set the vision, picked out our outfits, and planned the entire shoot to represent us in every way. She even woke up in the 3’s to sit with me at my house while I got ready that morning. Working with Sydney will truly feel like hanging out with a friend, and give you so much confidence about your day. Not sure of your vision? Don’t worry! Sydney has the ability to make any environment look cool — i mean, who thought DC could look edgy. She’s simply the best!


A midst covid craziness, family drama and wedding day chaos, Sydney was my rock throughout the wedding planing process. I am a "creative" and was excited by the prospect of planning a beautiful event for my husband and I, but I had NO idea just how much I needed a planner - specifically Sydney - until I was in the middle of it. Syd was our month-of and day-of coordinator and to be frank, she saved my life. As a bride with an extremely opinionated, disorganized and (honestly) selfish family, I needed someone who was looking out for me as well as the vision I had for our wedding. Sydney and Caleb are now our dear friends and I couldn't be more thankful for the work she put in to create such a special weekend for us. I would highly recommend Sydney for all your wedding needs, especially if you think you can do it yourself (like I did lol).


Sydney made it so easy to just relax and enjoy the day - we didn't even have to lift a finger the whole time and honestly I felt like a celebrity. Not only is she professional and organized, she was so fun to spend time with and such a nice, hardworking person. I hadn't met her until the day of, but I will be recommending Sydney to everyone I know. Thank you, Sydney, for planning a truly magical day that we will never forget!


On the day of our wedding, I don't think anything went not-as-planned. if it did, she made sure it was solved before i could have ever stressed about it. it was a dream. I was able to just sit back and soak in all of the joy and excitement of my wedding day. Every time I saw a new part of our day (the altar, the dinner table, etc.), my jaw fell on the floor. It was so much more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. it honestly wasn't how i pictured my wedding day at all, but now i cannot imagine having it any other way! we are so thankful Sydney made it such a special day for us!


I can’t say enough good things about Sydney! ... I can’t tell you enough how amazing, helpful and important that is. ... Sydney goes above and beyond to make you feel fully prepared and comfortable for your big day. She’s super organized which is amazing but most importantly she just loves her job and loves helping and creating others visions come true! I have nothing but the utmost respect for this independent, small business owner! If you’re ever on the fence about a wedding planner I’m telling you right now as a bride, get one. It will make your life so much better and you’ll be able to enjoy your day without any worries, especially if Sydney’s your planner!

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