Edinburgh Scotland – Travel Bucket List

July 20, 2022

Edinburgh, Scotland is one of my favorite cities in all of Europe! From the welcoming people to charming streets. The city is filled with stunning architecture that will have you in awe as you check another place of this Edinburgh Scotland Travel Bucket List!

Everything you need to add to your Edinburgh, Scotland Travel Bucket List…

#1. The Royal Mile

The Royal Mile is probably one of the most famous streets is all of Scotland! It’s a road that connects the Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace. Along the road you will find many quaint shops, gifts stores, pubs, and more! Take your time to walk the “Scots mile” stopping at all the cool places along the way. It’s a great place to start your Edinburgh explorations!

#2. The Vennel Viewpoint

The Vennel Viewpoint is a charming alleyway that starts with cobblestone steps leading up from the Grass Market. After climbing the stairs, turn around and you will get an incredible view of the Edinburgh Castle. It’s one of my favorite places to see the castle actually “up on the hill”. While this place is still very popular, there’s a higher chance you can get some photos without a million tourists in the background [especially if you go early in the day]. This is a must see stop while visiting Edinburgh!


#3. Edinburgh Castle + Princes Street Gardens

The Edinburgh Castle is located in the heart of Edinburgh and is a huge part of the iconic city skyline. While you can admire the castle from afar, the castle is open for visitors! You can learn about the most up to date visiting information here. I would recommend purchasing your tickets and planning your visit in advance since it’s quite a popular tourist attraction!

If you’re visiting the castle, I would highly recommend going to the Princes Street Gardens too! They are located just below the Edinburgh Castle on Princes Street. It’s a beautiful park that’s open to the public year round! It’s a great place to picnic while taking in the views or reading a book on a park bench in the gardens.

#4. Victoria Street + Grassmarket

Victoria Street is probably most famous for being the street that inspired JK Rowling’s Diagon Ally in Harry Potter. It’s located right off the Royal Mile, curving down towards the Grassmarket. While it has lots of restaurants and shops on it, the most notable one is probably the Harry Potter store! If you are a Harry Potter fan, walking Victoria Street is a MUST!

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As I mentioned above, the Grassmarket is right off a Victoria Street so you should definitely explore both while in the area! The Grassmarket gets its name from being a market in the 1700-1800s where many public executions took place. Present day, you would never know! It’s filled with the hustle and bustle of people walking, lots of lively pubs to hang out, and more. Plus, you get a pretty nice view of the castle!

#5. Circus Lane

Circus Lane is one of my personal favorites in all of Edinburgh. It’s a charming, cobblestone residential street in Stockbridge that makes you feel like you’re in a fairy tale. Circus Lane is a great place to stroll and take cute photos. People do actually live in the greenery lined houses so please be mindful of that when visiting!

#6. Princes Street

Princes Street is one of Scotland busiest streets and most popular shopping areas! You can find both locals and tourists walking down Princes. Not only is a great place to go shopping at big name retail stores, you can enjoy stunning views of the Edinburgh Castle, gardens, and city gothic architecture. After a long day of shopping, there’s endless restaurants and pubs to relax in!

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