Visiting Exit Glacier

October 19, 2022

Exit Glacier

Exit Glacier in Alaska is probably one of the most accessible glaciers in all of Alaska, especially if you want an easy hike to it! Exit Glacier is location in Kenai Fjords National Park, just below the Harding Ice Field. The Exit Glacier area is actually the only are of the entire National Park accessible by a road. Please keep in mind the season that you plan to visit. While it is open year round, from late October/mid November to early May the road becomes inaccessible to vehicles. You can check the current road conditions here!

Exit Glacier Area in Kenai Fjords National Park

Once you arrive at the Exit Glacier Area, there is a small network of different, well-maintained hiking trails to view to the glacier. All of the trails begin at the Exit Glacier Visitor Center. Keep reading to learn more about different options within the trail system!

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Exit Glacier

Exit Glacier Overlook Trail

The Exit Glacier Overlook Trail is a 2.2 mile loop trail. It’s my favorite of the trails because it allowed us to see the most views along the way and get as close as possible to the glacier! The end section of this trail is not paved and has slight elevation gain as you climb over an exposed rock to get to the Overlook. If you are physically able, I don’t think you should miss going to the overlook [pictured above]!

Glacier View Trail

The Glacier View Trail is a 1 mile loop that is handicap accessible. This trail is a great option for those who can’t walk on uneven ground, families with small children in strollers, or those wanting an easy walk. This trail is connect to the Overlook trail so you could easily both trails!

If you are looking for a longer and more strenuous day hike in the area, I highly recommend the Harding Icefield Trail! It’s approximately 9.2 miles with 3,641 ft of elevation gain. It’s rated as hard. Be sure to properly prepare for this hike!

Exit Glacier Map
Map Courtesy of the NPS

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