Why Mentorships?

My heart behind mentorships is to really help out fellow planners and make new friends in the process! Running your own business can be lonely at times and sometimes you just need a smiling face to ask questions, get advice, make sure you are doing the right things, or simply brainstorm new ideas. Whether you are just starting out and confused with what step to take next or have been in business a few years and want a little creative refresh - I'm here to help!

What is a Mentorship Call?

The call structure is an open Q+A. You can come with a list of questions I’ll answer or you can have a topic you want to discuss. Anything from backend systems, workflow, social media to booking your ideal client - I'm an open book!

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Mentorship Investment

1 Hour Session


In a one hour session, you and I get to chat about 1-2 topics of your choice. In this session, we get to go in depth about those topics and I get to give you all the wisdom I know!

2 Hour Session


In my two hour session, we have time to chat about 3-5 topics of your choice. You choose the topics and which ones we spend the most time on. I'm an open book!

Terra Cotta Events

Anyone who is just starting out with wedding planning or has even been in the business for a few years but looking for a little bit of guidance or just someone to chat with about being a wedding planner Sydney is YOUR GIRL! There are sooo many photographer mentors and not enough wedding planner mentors. Once I found Sydney on instagram and saw her hard work ethic and how far she's come along with her business I knew I had to reach out to her. 

The Tangled Tomato

I joined Sydney for a 2-hour mentorship call and it was a fantastic experience! Sydney is not only knowledgeable beyond her years, forthcoming with all of the details, and quick to respond, but she is also *wildly* talented and truly just so joyful and encouraging. I gleaned so much from our time together and would recommend her talents and expertise to anyone, whether a new bride or a new business owner. Kudos, Sydney, for all that you do!

Taylored Dreams

Sydney has been a literal answer to prayer. I just started my planning business and knew just about nothing and Sydney has shared all of her genius and has never ever made me feel inadequate! On our first call, I told her I just needed someone to tell me what I need to do next, and she was so incredibly patient and helpful! I always leave our conversations with ideas and clarity and knowing what my next step should be. She is the sweetest, creative soul and I have also loved just getting to know her in general! I will forever be grateful that I found her!

Cana Wedding Co

Trust me y’all, Sydney is simply amazing!! She is so supportive and so willing to help no matter your age or experience owning a company. Chatting with her made my confidence soar and gave me the reassurance I needed to know I really can be a successful wedding planner (even at a young age)! She was able to give me those concrete steps to get started on the best possible path and was so genuinely excited for me. We hung up the phone and my face was sore from smiling so much. She really is the supportive best friend for her couples and for other wedding planners too!

On Cloud Cline

I had a mentor call with Sydney not long ago and I can honestly say it was one of my favorites! She brings so much fun and joy to her business and I can see why couples want to book her. At first I was wondering if I should sign up because we've been in business for about the same time but let me tell you, I am SO glad I did! Even though we are in the same business type for the wedding industry, our businesses are very different and it was nice hearing things from another perspective. It helped me open my eyes to a few things I wanted to get going for my company but stood in my own way. If you are thinking about a mentorship call DO NOT WAIT! Thank you again for taking the time to talk to me

Becoming Events Design

My partner and I have been running our Wedding Planning and Coordinating business for 6 months now, and although we've learned so much through our own experiences, we knew we needed help with logistics and efficiency. Sydney was SO kind, open, and honest -- there was nothing she sugar coated or hid. Not only were the tips and advice she gave helpful, but they were easy to turn into tangible goals for our business. She is inspiring, motivating, and empowering! One hour went by way too fast. We would recommend Sydney for mentorships any day.

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